Ms MIN Fall-Winter 2016 Group 1 Launch

18 Aug. 2016

Exploring traditional clothing across Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Designer Min Liu was intrigued by their intricate handwork and embroidery, exquisitely woven textiles, artful layering, raw edges, and asymmetrical lines.Visiting with the Miao tribe of Yunan,China. Min fell in love with their deft stitch work and filigree customjewelry, fashioned from featherweight tin silver into bold and whimsical designs, and was taken with the profound sense of permanence and meaning inthese handcrafted pieces. Which, clothing through accessories, are not disposable but lovingly constructed and collected.A thread of punk spontaneously wove its way through the collection. The flair of that urban tribe found in bold zipper accents, black mesh, edgystrapped trousers, and bikerstyled jackets. The original punk kids of the‘70s linked to the collection’s larger tribal influence in the shared custom ofdressing in a highly visual and original fashion, which positions onewithin a specific group.