At the beginning of year 2017, designer Min Liu embarked on a serendipitous journey to Cambodia. She witnessed the phenomenon where the sun and moon co-exist in the breaking of dawn at the mystical Ankor Wat Temple. The universe, so full of vitality and energy, alongside the the constantly changing color ways of the sky, it was a refreshing and mind-opening experience. Inspired by this voyage, Min drew light from the colors of the sky and dug deep into the intangible light of this universe, which became the inspiration of the Ms MIN Spring Summer 2018 collection.

The collection follows the array of light in nature, and expresses the vibrant palette of life: the tangerine sky at dawn; the powerful golden noon sunshine; the dark midnight blue of a breezy summery evening; the pure white of a new moon; the violet pink of a moving dusk; the misty grey of shifting clouds; each of these color conveys a powerful message from nature, ever-changing and ever-enduring.

The yin and yang of the moon and the sun, merging, evolving, and attracting, all compile to create a sacred image. So untouchable but so close to our core.

Shattered temples in reconstruction can be seen everywhere in Cambodia. The beauty of such imperfection is also filled with an untouched energy. Elegant monks in Buddhist clothing walk the city bringing a mystical power, the power of Zen. These are also elements Min Liu transformed into the collection. By utilizing cascades of winding fabric, dangling drapes, and folding of garments, the reconstructed silhouette speak a new language in minimal simplicity and beautifully co-exist with casual comfort.

Fabrication of the collection and techniques include details such as the enlarged tangerine floral jacquards, which symbolize the baptism by nature’s light and the blossom of life. A self-developed indigo dyed fabric with powdery white plum blossoms and butterfly patterns. Improved indigo techniques, which through the advanced craftsmanship of the artisans, is now able to keep its color and not fade. Such fabrics are the highlight of the collection, achieving the most originally imagined natural textures combined with the technology of today.

Light is eternal, it brings energy to all living matter, and it exists in every beating heart. When it is discovered, one can truly feel the eternity of the life.



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