The collection expresses the vibrant palette of life and the effect of light in nature: the tangerine sky at dawn; the vibrant gold of midday sunshine; the deep midnight blue of a summer evening; the pure white of a new moon; the violet pink of sunset; the misty grey of shifting clouds. Ever changing and ever enduring, each of these colours conveys a powerful message from nature.

The Yin and Yang of the moon and the sun, merging, evolving, and attracting creates a sacred image, untouchable but connected to our core.

Ancient temples in restoration can be seen everywhere in Cambodia. The beauty of their imperfection filled with a pure energy. Monks in Buddhist robes walk the streets elegantly, bringing a mystical power, the power of Zen. These are also elements that Min infused into her collection across swathes of draped fabric and artful folding. The veiled complexity of the designs, for a silhouette that speaks to comfort and elegant simplicity.

Fabrication of the collection includes meticulous textiles such as enlarged tangerine floral jacquards, which symbolize the baptism of nature’s light and the blossoms of life. Graced with powdery white plum blossoms and butterflies, indigo fabric was developed using artisanal dying techniques that allow the material to retain its rich pigment. Utterly natural, yet crafted with modern technique, these highly original textiles are the highlight of the collection.

When the light within is discovered, we can truly feel the eternity of the life.



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