For Spring 19 collection, designer Min Liu found inspiration in the colourful, lushly layered wardrobe of Classical Chinese Opera and her favourite artist, Mei Lanfang. A gentleman known as the ‘Queen of Peking Opera’ for his sublime Nandan performances — the practice of men playing women — Mei elegant flair saw him rise to great fame for his portrayals of iconic female characters — Qinyi (the noble lady), Huadan (the coquette), Daomadan (the warrior).

Mei’s blending of classism with the abstract, naturalism and artifice, intersects with Ms MIN's signature themes, along with notions of feminine archetype and the play of womanly refinement against notes of androgyny. The ‘ying-yang’ between the feminine and masculine a motif that the brand adroitly juxtaposes, season to season, setting traditional menswear tailoring against ladylike silhouettes, contrasting sharp lines with opulent detailing, and balancing formality with a sense of comfort and ease.

For Spring 19, layers, elongated lines, jewel tones, ​ and exquisitely hand ​​embroidered silks, make up the season’s ​notes. Rich gold and magenta fabrics, asymmetrically cut for a dramatic ruched effect, take their cues from the bold street fashion of 90s Hong Kong. ​

A Chinoiserie influence is seen in a contemporary spin on the classic Qi Pao(Cheongsam)​, ​cropped trousers ​modelled on Qing Dynasty garment​s, ​and ​chrysanthemum-jacquard ​ trousers and top​s​​​​​. ​

The collection also presents a range of classic, thoroughly modern pieces. Minimalist wrap coats are cut three dimensionally from double face cotton​s​ an​d​ cashmeres​​. Classic silk ​knit​ ​pencil skirts, dresses, and pullovers​ in an elegant palette of ivory, jade, ​and ​​black​ with splashes of pink and lipstick red. Cropped​ trousers​ stitched with butterflies​​ and skinny jeans, easy summer dresses and ruffle front blouses, comes in a selection of richly dyed indigo pieces; denims, linens and cupro.

As with every collection m​any of the season’s textiles​ including reversible ​cotton jacquards ​in ‘Double Happiness’ ​​​and modern floral ​motif​s were designed​ by Min Liu​​​ and ​woven ​​exclusively for the ​brand​ by ​​centuries old French and Italian mills​​. ​ 

Designer Min Liu extends the brand’s accessories line this season. Creating an environmentally-friendly range of modern culturally inspired bijoux in collaboration with the Atelier Só jewellery label. Tasseled, beaded, adorned with ‘Double Happiness’ motifs, sustainable faux pearls and faux ivory, produced using cutting edge, 3D printing technology.



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