The Spring Summer 2020 Ms MIN collection marks a decade of purposeful discovery.
The conscious decision to practice, learn and refine has resulted in the creation of steady brand foundations – built carefully, using a design code rooted in wisdom, harmony and inherentstyle. This disciplined approach has offered Ms MIN the perfect opportunity to develop an aesthetic that reflects the world of today and facilitated the development of standout pieces, madewith emotion, devised as a second skin that works in harmony with the body. Clothing that feels instantaneously intuitive, ready to become part of a natural uniform.

References to ancient architectural features can be found throughout the Pre-Spring 2020 Collection, which takes its starting point from the grandiose, colourful cornices of Chinese temples. Cultural marvels, these places of worship have come to symbolise the power of balance and structure – rich in heritage and metaphor, the saturated hues of every unique roof tile, eave and wall provide the basis for Ms MIN’s colour story. Jewel-like custom dyed fuchsia, soft coral pinks and deepest sapphire are blended with the texture of high-density brocade and hand-woven embroidery. Familiar elements are ordered and brought together for today’s audience – a fluid interpretation of the iconic buildings that have remained unchanged for centuries.

Continuing to merge modernity and authentic vision, the collection diversifies to include stream- lined Chinese suits, cheongsams and Qipaos. Clean-cut, utilitarian elegance works with Western tailoring convention to bring a look that is both recognisable and highly sophisticated. By synthesising the east and west philosophies, Ms MIN creates an entirely simple, yet beautiful silhouette – a delectable uniform of matching separates that signify a femininity comfortable with the notion of ease, intelligence and intuitive dressing.

Fabric is king for Spring Summer 2020. With every warp and weft, comes a sense of power, longevity and brilliance. We take influence from our environment – the world around usgives us the ingredients to inspire and generate new ideas. The outside world shapes the way we think, and so by bringing nature into the creative process Ms MIN is able to reflect the flora and fauna of China in every Italian silk fabric used throughout the collection. Light as air, tribal poetry is hand-embroidered using the ‘Su’ technique and butterflies persuade us to consider the dichotomy between strength and delicacy.

The selection of raw materials used throughout the Ms MIN Spring Summer 2020 collection projects a sense of oneness with the evolving planet. Knitwear is woven gossamer thin to represent the exquisite, diaphanous wings of a dragonfly. Metallic yarns have been engineered using a hand-brushed, lacquering effect to amplify the iridescence and catch the light in an unexpectedly magical way. Irish linens have been artfully crinkled to imitate the rugged texture of sea-battered rock faces – produced in the deepest emerald green, a shade associated with the health and hopefulness of new life.

At the centre of every Ms MIN collection, there is a determination to use age-old techniques. By paying close attention to the true process, Ms MIN can make garments that last, surviving transient trends by designing ready-to-wear pieces that were conceived to be worn for a lifetime. This mode for living is progressive – and manifests itself in the Spring Summer 2020 bespoke silk jacquard fabric which depicts a phoenix resting on flowers and trees on the banks of the energetic HuangHe river, against a backdrop of mellow citrus, sandstone yellow. Other standout fabrics include rare African and Indian clothes, made using hand-made batik and wood-panel printing. Japanese tribal influenced, cut-out cotton set against alace base. Raw silk that is both sheer and strong – like Chinese rice paper poised and ready for flowing ink calligraphy.

With an avid energy to create clothing that creates a deep impression on the wearer, every day for the past ten years has been dedicated to building the perfect alphabet. With the letters now in place, it’s now time for Ms MIN to write.



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