Layering timeless elements into a modern collection, a hallmark of the Ms MIN brand is looking to classic Chinese culture for inspiration. Then expanding upon these traditional themes from a contemporary perspective.

Ms MIN Chinoiserie 2017 collection is inspired by the Chinese theory of balance and the teachings of Shan Hai Jing (The Guideways through Mountains and Seas); an ancient masterpiece that chronicles Chinese mythology,culture, spirituality, and folklore.

The striking, wave-like pattern was used widely in the collection. An allegory for the energy that flows between mountains and oceans, across vast landscapes, spanning time and space,a single moment through eternity.

Shan Hai Jing includes such esoteric scenes as, red soil mountains crowned with golden peaks, black water flowing into the sea, and mysterious air floating around. As well, in traditional Chinese colour theory, each colour is rich in meaning and contains a distinct energy. Red:loyalty and bravery. Gold and silver: the gods & spirits. Pink: a metaphor for beauty. These tones form the base for the collection with a palette of, radiant China red, lush peony pink, and shimmering platinum.

Its philosophy is that; energy flows, casting a distinct aura, vitalizing all forms of life — humans, water, mountains, earth, waves, clouds, and trees. That no matter how it shifts and changes over time; the world maintains an eternal rhythm.



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